The company P.A.N. ANTISTIXIS S.A. was founded in 2012 and is located in the Lefkippos Technological Park of the National Center for Physical Research “Demokritos”. Its main objective is to leverage the results of scientific and technological research to develop and produce integrated high-tech devices that will be used directly or indirectly by patient groups as well as by specialized physicians and / or rehabilitation institutions.

Major shareholders of the company are three of the members of a highly active research team, which over the last decade has been involved in the development of a series of laboratory prototypes in the fields of medical informatics and robotics.

Our vision is to design and develop products in Greece that will help improve the quality of life of patients worldwide, increasing their autonomy with the use of appropriate assistive technology.To this end, we are in an open line of contact with important research teams at Greek universities and research institutes to launch the development of other products utilizing significant existing research results.

The company, backed by a network of internationally recognized scientists, provides services in three key areas:

A. The provision of services related to the development of IT products and the manufacture of such products and in particular:

  • Manufacture of computers and peripherals, portable digital automatic data processing machines, special displays and projectors.
  • Manufacture of electrodiagnostic devices used in medicine
  • Manufacture of liquid crystal display or light emitting diode screens; electric acoustic or visual warning units

B. The provision of services related to the development of technological tools and their development, in particular:

  • Design and development of specialized software
  • Computer programming activities
  • Providing consulting services on systems and software issues
  • Research and experimental development in the natural sciences and engineering, in health biotechnology
  • Providing research and experimental development services in the medical sciences

As part of the “New Innovative Entrepreneurship” project (National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013 – Greece), the company has developed ANTIPARK, which is targeted at patients with Parkinson’s disease. While Parkinson’s is a malfunction at the level of “motor planning”, it has been found that the problems of slow motion and immobility can be successfully addressed by the use of special glasses showing “moving” optical bars. This non-therapeutic solution, however, helps a significant number of patients (> 30%) overcome the “freezing effect” and move independently and safely.

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