E. Koutsouraki & Co. EE was founded in 2010 and is active in providing design, support and integration services for business intelligence software systems, which focus on the human resources and the potential that it can offer to maintain but above all increase the competitiveness of each business. The company provides integrated solutions tailored to the needs of each business with a set of anthropocentric decision support systems.

The company has successfully completed a significant number of complex and demanding projects in the field of IT development for businesses and organizations. Following high quality standards and using cutting-edge technologies, it creates integrated solutions that fully meet the needs of the market. The main services provided are:

  • Information Systems Analysis & Design
  • Development and Installation of Information Systems

The goal of the company is to develop integrated solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer and at the same time feature speed, reliability and efficiency. Our concern is the creation of user-friendly and easy-to-use systems even for people with no particular computer skills, with the ability of a multilingual interface to meet the needs of each user (web, mobile, tablet).

The company's specialty areas are:

  • Skills Management & Development System
  • Competencies Management Systems
  • Dynamic Business Management System
  • Evaluation – Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Project Evaluation System
  • Decision Support Systems – Design and Implementation
  • Workflow systems – Process Mining
  • Project management methodologies

At the same time, the Research and Development Department of the company is actively involved in the development of new products and services in the fields of specialization incorporating technologies such as:

  • Business Intelligence
  •  Process Mining

As part of this activity, the company participates in European and national projects such as Erasmus, Attica RIP 2007-2013 etc.

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