Innoesys was founded in May 2015. Its key shareholders and founders, having many years of experience in the development of electronic systems and applications in the private and academic sectors, have decided to launch a startup that creates and produces innovative products.

Its activities include the promotion and implementation of new innovative products, the management of an online store with prototype development products, the design and manufacture of electronic products and their promotion in the market. In 2015 the company participated in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Node of Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens (INNOVATHENS) and in the Incubator of Young Businesses of Athens (THAA), where it was honored by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

At the same time the company participates in exhibitions such as Startup Safari and has been distinguished in competitions such as the Open Design Projects Competition of EUL / LAK. The company specializes in developing firmware software in a variety of microprocessors. At the same time, it is fully responsible for the design and development of hardware and software for integrated systems. Provides innovative solutions and implements integrated products for the world market.

He has collaborated with large private companies on various projects, such as remote control of fountains, wireless control of security lights, control and monitoring of highway lights and more. At the same time, Innoesys has collaborated with Academic Institutes, such as the Agricultural University of Athens on the creation of wireless sensors and the Higher Education Institute of Piraeus Technological Sector for the research of wireless sensors.

Our products appeal to a wide range of consumers, but mainly to people and companies who want to implement or experiment with new products. Innoesys aims to develop and implement innovative ideas. The difference with other startups is that it does not target the market with a single product. Its purpose is to implement and promote any innovative idea.

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